SLA does not apply if the non-posting of expense data is due to issues related to cloud cross terminations, services outside Azure Cost Management, or customer changes in the Azure configuration. Check-out: Microsoft Azure offers governance features and services to implement guideline-based management for all Azure services available in the cloud and locally. In this blog post, we discuss the 3.4 Microsoft Azure Governance theme that contains Azure Blueprints – Azure Policy. 5.6 Turn off or remove surveillance or security services, service malfunction. You must notify us in advance if you intend to disable, block or remove surveillance or security elements from your service. We will not issue you credit for events that occur on services that you have modified without our consent. Azure Container Registry is a free service, so it does not have an ALS with financial support. However, MEMORY ALS applies to the availability of the underlying memory. For more information, see SLA`s memory. We guarantee at least 99.9% availability of Azure Automation`s DSC agent service. We guarantee at least 99.9% availability for index queries when the Azure Cognitive Search Service instance is configured with two or more replicants, and index update requirements if an Azure Cognitive search service instance is configured with three or more replicants. No ALS is available for the Free fare. Azure Monitor now integrates Log Analytics and Application Insights functions to monitor your app.

You can continue to use Log Analytics and Application Insights as standalone services if you wish. See their respective SLAs below. SLAs document the specific terms that define Azure performance standards, they define Microsoft`s commitment to an Azure service or an Azure product. For more information on the eligibility of Windows virtual desktop services, see the licensing conditions described here. Microsoft does not offer a financially guaranteed service level agreement. We strive to achieve at least 99.9% of the availability of Windows virtual desktop URLs. The availability of virtual session computers in your subscription is covered by the SLA “Virtual Machines.” This blog covers the theme 4.3 Azure Pricing and Support: Azure Service Level Agreements. Customers should determine, based on their workload requirements and usage patterns, which application-specific SLAs they need.

This service level agreement for Microsoft Online Services (this “SLA”) is part of your Microsoft volume license agreement (the “agreement”). The basic terms that are used in this ALS but are not defined have the meaning assigned to you in the agreement. This ALS applies to microsoft online services (a “service” or “services” listed below), but does not apply to separate services that are related to or related to services, or to local software that is part of a service. The credit aids provided in this ALS are your only exclusive remedy for damages resulting from ClearDATA`s breach of a service for which credits are granted. We guarantee at least 99.9% availability of Azure Active Directory Basic and Premium services. Services are considered available in the following scenarios: 5.7 Unsured Services. You are not entitled to a credit if the event that gave rise to the credit did not occur, but for the use of an “unsuscuered” service element within the meaning of the service agreement between us. Azure DevTest Labs is a free service, so it doesn`t have a financially supported ALS itself. The availability of your lab is based on the ALS of the underlying virtual machines, key storage and storage resources. For more information, visit ALS for virtual machines, SLA storage and SLA Key Vault. If you have purchased more than one service (not as a suite), you can submit claims in accordance with the procedure described above, as if each service were covered by a single ALS.