In addition to the emphasis on general jurisdiction, Rule 2.1 states that “the lawyer exercises independent professional judgment when representing a client and gives independent advice.” [4] This rule requires counsel to refer to the law as well as other considerations such as moral, economic, social and political factors that may be relevant to the client`s situation. While a contingency fee agreement puts the lawyer in a boat like his client with respect to financial recovery, the ethical requirements that govern the relationship require the lawyer to maintain his independent judgment for the duration of his representation. This is a legal contract between the registry and the client, which outlines the conditions of the legal services to be provided and how the client is charged for the services. A signed agreement is required before our company is considered the customer`s representative. In some cases, we are able to determine, after an initial conversation, the approximate number of hours and costs associated with the provision of the legal services requested by the client. In such cases, instead of hourly billing for professional services, we may offer a fixed or “flat” fee to cover all services and fees in the storage contract. This tax is paid in whole or in part at the signing of the conservation contract. Some examples of the types of services that can be offered on a flat-rate basis are adoptions of in-laws, uncontested divorces, the defence of a serious traffic offence or other offences, the development of a simple will, full powers, an advanced medical directive or a marital agreement or the writing of a letter on behalf of a client. Professionals offer their time and know-how. In many situations, the hours and costs required to assist a client with a legal problem or need cannot be accurately determined or estimated during the first interview. In these cases, the lawyer`s time devoted to the case is billed every hour in increments of 1/10 an hour. Custody agreements are generally necessary in the event of a contentious divorce, custody, litigation or possible litigation before the courts or boards of directors.

The company requires the payment of storage fees at the beginning of a customer`s representation. It is a royalty system for personal injury across the country. The law firm and the client agree that the cost of all legal services is a fixed amount, usually a third of the money, if any, the client is claimed to the party responsible for the violation or to an insurance company. If there is no recovery, the client is not liable for money for legal services, but may still be responsible for reimbursement of certain other costs.