It complemented other international agreements, such as the 1957 European Extradition Convention, the 1977 European Convention Against Terrorism and the European Union Convention on the Simplified Extradition Procedure of 1995. The aim of the extradition agreement, replaced in most cases by the framework decision on the European Arrest Warrant, was to facilitate extradition between Member States in some cases. The Lingen court at the Ems issued an arrest warrant the next day. The data is Following the broadcast on French television in 1998 of a report denouncing Mauritania`s still-enforced slavery practices, Ms Baye, AMDH President Professor Kamara and other human rights defenders were arrested without an arrest warrant. They claim that the police use the “main key” to enter homes without warning, enter homes without a search warrant, destroy people`s property and steal items and money. Urging to ensure that an immediate and thorough investigation is carried out into allegations of other allegations of alleged abuse during military police operations, such as verbal offences, assault, domestic invasions without an appropriate warrant, and to ensure that all officials suspected of being criminally responsible for such alleged abuses are brought to justice; When the officials answered my questions, I repeated what they were saying directly into the microphone, and then I quickly typed it into the arrest warrant. In 2008, as icc prosecutor, he sought an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes and launched the ICC`s first trial against a serving head of state. Dragon NaturallySpeaking helped me do this work in half the time and helped me quickly put the suspect in jail and quickly sign the search warrant and gather evidence. I had to get an arrest warrant and a search warrant as soon as possible. We may disclose personal data and/or non-identifiable information if required by law, or in good faith, that such a measure is necessary to comply with state laws (such as the European Copyright Act) or to respond to a court order, subpoena or search warrant.