Hello, my mother has all three booked our trips in her visa to the infinity Aeroplan card. We are now stranded in India, and the government has provided us with flights for $3000 per person to Canada, we also have to pay for a bus to the airport and hotel, I was wondering if we were all insured for something. How does travel insurance work in the event of a travel disruption? We`re already here before the travel advice and we`ve been trying to leave since he got out without luck. Thanks Based on an annual waiver of the first year of 120 USD for the primary card, $50 for an additional card and a potential bonusback of at least $180 during the offer period, assuming a minimum of $2,000 for the lowest cash return rate under the 1% program (i.e. a cash-back bonus rate of 9% x $2,000). The actual value varies depending on the number of additional cards issued for the account and the different editions of the category in the first 3 months. See the full offer terms above. Ideally, you should notify Scotia as soon as possible if you think you have known of a covered reason for the cancellation. We hope you have already called, and if so, let us know what happened in the end. All in all, we are very doubtful that you will be able to get that money back, but good luck anyway.

For the Aventura Visa Infinite Privilege Card, earn 3 Aventura points for every dollar charged on the CIBC Rewards Centre Travel Purchase Card, excluding taxes, insurance, service charges or similar items. D`Aventura points are not accumulated while travelling by collecting Aventura points. Earn 2 Aventura points per dollar, calculated on the card for purchases (without return) from Visa-listed merchants such as (i) grocery stores and supermarkets, restaurants, beverages and fast food restaurants (ii) gas stations and fuel vending machines; Urban transportation in Canada, including subway, streetcar, taxi, limousine and ride sharing services (with the exception of merchants who can be classified as travel or travel services such as air travel, car rentals and cruises) and (iii) entertainment, including movie theaters, theatre producers , ticketing agencies, bands, orchestras and various artists. This Aventura points offer is only available on the first $200,000 in annual net card purchases on your account (i.e. all card purchases of all cardholders, for any type of dealer); Subsequently, net annual card purchases from food, gas, transportation, food and entertainment distributors receive Aventura points at the normal price. The $200,000 limit will be reset to zero after the day your December statement is printed. Terms and categories of eligible resellers may change without notice. For CIBC cash credit cards, cash back is earned on a staggered basis and depends on the net annual dollar amount spent on the card in the previous year. More information on collecting and collecting premiums, welcome bonuses and other card benefits, including terms and conditions, can be found in the above agreements and insurance performance guides. All information is valid at the time of publication and can be changed without notice.

I have an infinite visa tdiplan. I bought a ticket for my wife and son to go to Japan. But with Japan with the coronavirus. I want to cancel. Does the visa aeroplan cover this infinitely? Hi, since Trudeau has announced not to travel if we don`t have to, TD visa will be an infinite refund my trip? I bought three tickets.