At Brookfield Consulting, we help our clients to develop and execute on their strategy.

We assist you in preparing up-front work to understand your needs and situation and believe in a collaborative approach with our clients.

Our experts develop and execute on strategies that puts both vision and execution on a pedestal.




We aim to bring a balanced and independent view to the table when discussing with our clients, which at times highlights some business challenges:


Seeking new revenue streams? We’ll assist you to:

Validate a business concept by guiding you to approach the right innovation


Create a foundation that creates a platform to launch innovation that capitalises on resources and culture


In this changing market, are you positioned for growth? We’ll assist you to:

Discover and pin point customers, business model and positioning that are advantageous


Make informed decisions in forecasting performance outcomes by using correct data

Priority Setting

Does your leadership need a re-alignment in strategic priorities? We’ll assist you to:

Proceed in the right direction that suits your organisations “True North”


Combination of goals and priorities translates to real buy-in from internal stakeholders.

Translate your goals and priorities into a strategic plan with true buy-in from internal stakeholders