14.5 The Client may not cede, transfer, impose, circumvent the agreement, make rights or obligations under this Agreement, or claim to do the same, nor transfer or trust third parties for any of its obligations under that agreement, instead of trusting that contract or any of its obligations for the benefit of a third party without prior written authorization from the entity. Without prejudice to other rights, the entity may transfer, renew, cede, sub-contract or sublicensing this agreement or any of its rights or obligations under this agreement. 7.3 None of the parties is liable to the others (contractual acts, non-place (including negligence), violation of legal obligations or otherwise arising from or in connection with this Agreement of loss of profits, production, data, business or business or business, savings or expected benefits, or for any type of indirect, accidental, special or consequential loss, even if that loss or injury was reasonably foreseeable or if that party was informed of the possibility of that loss or injury. 11.4 If the agreement is terminated for any reason: 14.3 Nothing in this agreement is intended to create a partnership between the parties or to authorize a party to act as an agent for the other entry , and no party has the authority to act on behalf, in the name or other means to engage others in any way (including obtaining insurance or security, taking on an obligation or liability, and exercising power or power). 9.2 Without prejudice to Clause 9.1, the Client, at the request of the Company, must take all these steps and execute all necessary assignments and other documents to ensure that full ownership of all intellectual property rights covered in point 9.1 is held in the company for the purpose of registering or protecting those rights. 10.1 None of the party (any person, a “recipient”) may use confidential information from the other party (the “custodian part of disclosure”) or pass it on to third parties or pass it on. 10.2 Each recipient ensures that its employees, enforcement assistants and subcontractors are aware of and respect the confidentiality and confidentiality provisions contained in this clause 10, and each recipient is liable to the revealing party for losses or damages incurred or incurred by the other as a result of a breach of confidentiality by its employees, enforcement assistants or subcontractors. 10.4 The restrictions contained in this Clause 10 do not apply to confidential information which: 9.1 The company reserves ownership of all intellectual property rights over materials produced by the company and/or company staff in accordance with this Agreement. The entity grants the customer a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the use of these materials for its own internal needs and for the needs for which they were delivered. The customer cannot pass on such materials or copies to third parties. (ii) The other rights and obligations of each party are extinguished immediately with dissolution, but termination does not affect the accumulated rights and obligations of a party at the time of termination and the provisions of Clauses 1 (interpretation), 5 (charges), 7 (limitation of liability), 8 (insurance), 9 (intellectual property), 10 (confidentiality), 13 (dispute settlement) and 14 (Generalities) remain fully in force and in force.