FPL-controlled transmission facilities are located in 32 counties in the state of Florida. Transmission facilities allow FPL to use land that FPL does not have royalties. To benefit from ease of transmission and to ensure compliance with FPL transmission guidelines, please download and complete the application form below. FPL owns approximately 85,000 hectares of land throughout the state of Florida. If necessary, FPL may enter into leases or licenses for the use of land that FPL owns. If you are interested in applying for the use of land owned by FPL, please download and complete the application form below. FPL must ensure that its land is protected. Some of the ways to protect FPL`s land assets are by granting consent agreements, facility authorizations and non-interference agreements. In order to cover the costs of processing and managing these asset protection activities, Corporate Real Estate will cover administrative costs for the management of approval contracts, facility releases and non-interference agreements. The following management fees apply may 1, 2010: CYBER-SECURITY AWARENESS FOR EVERYONE Learn to keep your computer safe. COMPUTER TIPS FPL Corporate Real Estate Attn: Asset Management PO Box 14000 Juno Beach, FL 33408 IT and its mission have grown. We are responsible for many types of services and systems. Support for these comes in many forms, such as hardware and software upgrades or exchanges, geographic information system (GIS), system security, ERP system, spam filtering or intrusion detection.

This support contributes to the improvement of after-sales service and staff performance and provides greater system availability. The Information Technology Department is responsible for designing, planning and implementing the efficient and effective use of technology to help the city achieve its strategic and business objectives and maximize value for the people of North Lauderdale. The Department of Background Information Technology (IT) manages the implementation of new computer systems. Each year, the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes and information systems are audited. All systems are updated in a pre-planned cycle to ensure maximum productivity for city staff. The administration fee must be paid in the form of a cheque to Florida Power and Light Company.