A manufacturer`s license agreement is an important document you need for your business. After an inventor has patented a product, the journey begins with the contribution of that product to consumers. 3 min. 2.3 HFCL uses UTStarcom technical information, know-how and improvements only for the manufacture of the product at HFCL`s production site in the territory and may not use any technical information, know-how or improvement of UTStarcom, in any way or for other purposes that have not been expressly approved by this agreement. HFCL does not separate itself from the technical information, know-how or improvement of UTStarcom, whether through sale, transfer, donation or other orders, unless UTStarcom has specifically authorized it in writing. An agreement (e.g.B. contract) under which a U.S. person grants a foreign person permission to manufacture defence items abroad and that includes or contemplates: when reading a contract, make sure you know where to use a product. You are often only allowed to use a product within a particular name, z.B of a city or nation. Failure to comply with this provision may lead to violation of the agreement and possible legal action and/or the revocation of the licence.

(f) to terminate this agreement for a reason other than the expiry of [O] after it comes into force, if the duration of this agreement has not been extended in advance by a mutual written agreement, subject to the necessary administrative authorizations, and then, and in this case, UTStarcom may terminate the contract without notice in writing, and all rights and licenses granted or agreed by UTStarcom under this contract are immediately terminated. (j) Notwithstanding the above procedures set out in this section 11.4, contracting parties may amend these procedures by written agreement. B. HFCL is active in the manufacture and supply of telecommunications equipment and wishes to manufacture and distribute the product; Patent holders, designs, copyrights and other intellectual property rights who live off inventions often choose to grant these rights to other than means of exploiting their inventions. Often, the owner of an invention chooses to enter into a licensing agreement with another party for the production of licenses allowing that part to produce its invention. 12.4 As a result of the termination of this agreement, all rights and obligations granted or imposed by this agreement are extinguished and extinguished, with the exception of rights: Obligations and obligations which, by their nature, would be reasonably viable, including the rights and obligations under this Agreement with respect to payments, the sublicensing use of technology, confidential information, compensation, guarantees, guarantees, remedies and limitations of liability, independent contractors, export controls, applicable legislation, arbitration and jurisdiction, transfer, separation, legal fees, indications, sub-positions, waiver and this agreement constitute the whole of this agreement.